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On this page, you will find ongoing research projects, which need participants.
Unfortunately, treatments for all diseases have not yet been discovered, and therefore we would be very grateful if you are interested in participating in a research project, which is likely to generate new treatments that will help others with chronic diseases in the future. Health Panel helps to convey contact between researchers and participants, and therefore we need your help to participate in research projects. You can help by signing up for Health Panel.

What is a research project and how is it conducted?

There are several definitions of clinical studies. Most research projects are biomedical or health related examinations, conducted on people and always follow a clinical protocol, which is constructed beforehand. After the research project, the results are written in a report, which is sent to the pharmaceutical company that is behind the research project.

Furthermore, there are different types of research projects. When you participate in a research project, it does not necessarily mean that you have to participate in a physical examination. Often the participants only have to fill out a questionnaire or a survey, but it depends on what kind of study is conducted. You can find more information about this, when reading about the specific research project or when we contact you.
All the research projects are approved by the Research Ethics Committees (RECs).

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The goal of Health Panel is to improve health through research, but we need your help to do so. You can help by signing up for Health Panel and thereby possibly become a participant in research projects. We will only contact you if your health profile is consistent with a current research project. All research projects are pre-approved by the respective  Independent Ethics Committees (IEC) or Institutional Review Boards (IRB).

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